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AcropolPasargad Company

Acropol Pasargad company was established in 2010 and has been operating in various fields such as contract affairs, contracting, implementation, technical consulting and design of construction projects, architecture and urban planning during the past 12 years with the help of a capable and efficient management staff. This company has tried to cooperate with all public and private organizations, both real and legal, throughout the country and by providing the best services to its employers and customers.

Currently, Acropol Pasargad company is one of the most famous private sector companies in Iran, with more than a decade of successful experience in implementing Various projects have been proposed by pioneers in the field of construction and implementation.

With the beginning of the current solar century and in line with the realization of one of the clauses of the company’s initial articles of association – regarding the export and import of all goods with a commercial license according to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Acropol Pasargad Company is proud to announce that all goods and products related to construction projects according to the regulations Authentic products of the desired countries at a reasonable price and expertise, and with excellent quality and high speed, and accepting the responsibility of transportation and clearance of goods and materials in the destination countries, and deliver them to your projects in the shortest possible time.

In this regard, all respected employers and valued customers in the country can order all the materials, furniture, tools, additives and goods they need through this company by referring to the products section of the Acropol Pasargad company website, and they will be delivered easily and with remarkable speed . take You can get the following services in the best way while shopping online 24 hours from our company.

  • Consulting and providing all engineering design services with an emphasis on architecture and interior architecture.
  • Product return guarantee if the product does not comply with the contract standard and regulations.
  • Fast, correct and principled transportation of orders and acceptance of responsibility for all possible accidents and damages.